Our vertical farm has been designed to ensure consistent quality and improved taste. Each of our plants is treated to five-star accommodation throughout their lifespan. Bedded into the finest substrate our seeds begin their journey in a cozy germination chamber. Then, not wanting to cramp their style, our herbs and salads are transplanted into trays where they are remotely shunted and spaced. This allows them to spread their leaves and mature into the young plants they were destined to be.


Growing transparently

Inside of the climate chamber, the crops enjoy the benefits of 'summer' all day every day. Under the glow of LED lights they are fed the perfect cocktail of nutrients, each tailored to their very own needs. And why stop at one layer? The trays are vertically stacked making optimum use of space, in fact, space enough for a micro-brewery. Click here to find out more.


Why don’t you get in touch? Whether you’re a food producer looking for fresh, local produce or a chef trying to source the finest ingredients, Vertivore would love to hear from you.



Sustainability can’t be like some sort of a moral sacrifice or political dilemma or a philanthropical cause. It has to be design challenge.

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