Vertivore receives visit from Local MP Rachel Maclean

Vertivore and Rachel Maclean and Matt Whitman

On Friday 6th September, the Vertivore team were thrilled to welcome local MP Rachel Maclean for a tour of the farm.


After reading about Vertivore in local news, Rachel approached Astwood and was given a detailed tour of both the farm and our sister company, Lab Culture. The team offered insight into the technologies of both systems and how they link to create environmentally friendly beer.


Mike Capewell, Director of Astwood Group explains: “We were excited to welcome Rachel Maclean to have a tour of the farm and brewery. We love getting the chance to showcase both Lab Culture and Vertivore as we’re proud of our technology and how we hope to grow in the future.”


“Rachel’s enthusiasm to learn more about our unique technology was refreshing and the team and I thoroughly enjoyed her visit.”


The visit also provided a great opportunity to talk about how the business started, our exciting upcoming projects and what could be next for Lab Culture and Vertivore.


Rachel Maclean, Conservative Party MP for Redditch, confirms: “There really are some incredibly innovative businesses here in Redditch and I’m always keen to show them off. We are home to future technologies, and we should all be proud of that.

“It was a fascinating visit to Vertivore. Their innovative vertical farming project will be at the heart of food production in the future and it’s great to see Redditch playing its part in this.”


For more information on Astwood, follow the link:


Or, to visit our sister company, Lab Culture, visit here.