Astwood Vertivore signs new long-term agreement


Astwood Vertivore, has signed a new and exciting long-term agreement with innovative technical supplier, Netled Oy, to develop and build industrial scale vertical farms across the UK.

With the vertical farming sector predicted to grow to 10 billion USD by 2025, the partnership shows promising outcomes to help meet future industry demand.

The agreement kick-starts the development of four big scale, automatic vertical farms based predominantly in the UK, over the next three years, where the total value of the agreement, including all project options, reaches over 10 million euros.

Niko Kivioja, CEO of Netled Oy,confirms: “We have been developing our technology for vertical farming for several years now. During this time the market for vertical farming has developed very fast. Now the technology and the economical figures are in the point, where industrial scale vertical farms beat the traditional ways to grow leafy greens. Green field projects require quite massive design work for infrastructure. We are more than happy to present our partner, Astwood Infrastructure. Together we have possibility to serve global market with an all-inclusive project offering.”

Netled Oy designs, manufactures and sells world leading technology, turn-key equipment and related automation and software for vertical farming, where its turn-key vertical farm Vera® is the most advanced vertical farming system in the world.

Combining the high technical competence and international networks of both firms, this creates synergy that produces high quality and knowledge in project deliveries and competitive project offering for vertical farming market.

Mike Capewell, CEO for Astwood Infrastructure, added: “We are incredibly excited about our new agreement with Netled Oy and the opportunity we now have in building and scaling a UK wide and potentially global vertical farm operation. Our pilot farm has shown some incredibly exciting results and we feel optimistic that we will be able to replicate this success at scale.”

“As issues like rising import costs and climate change continue to advance, vertical farming systems will become critical to production, where, through the Vertivore brand, we will be able to grow sustainable, local and clean produce without being impacted by any external sources such as weather conditions or pollution.”

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