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The 411 on Vertical Farming


In our opinion, vertical farming is the evolution of agriculture. Recent reports predict that by 2050, the world’s population is expected to grow by another 2 billion people and in addition, we’re losing land as a result of industrial development. This is where we see the demand for alternative solutions such as vertical farming coming […]

Join Vertivore at Droitwich Food Festival

Vertivore at Droitwich Food Festival

The Vertivore team is excited to announce it will be showcasing its latest ‘beyond organic’ produce at the famous Droitwich Food Festival next month. Taking place at the Lido Park, Droitwich Spa, on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd the Droitwich Food Festival attracts over 100 exhibitors and an estimated 15,000 visitors each year, who come […]

Mendel ‘our muse’

Gregor Mendel is most famously known as the founder of genetics following his experiments with peas. But now historians have unearthed new evidence that points to the real motivation behind Mendel’s cross-breeding exercise – improving vegetable crops. This is obviously something close to our hearts as our mission is to use innovative techniques to farm […]

A new leaf for salad

The Summer of Salads – record-breaking temperatures this summer saw a greater demand for salad, with sales increasing 6% on last year. However, whilst the population blissfully barbequed ad infinitum the scorching conditions proved nightmare growing conditions, promoting growers to revise their irrigation strategies for extreme heat. In fact, lettuce shortages meant that produce had […]

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