Beyond Organic

Vertivore produces high quality, year-round salads, herbs and plants. All our produce is home grown in our vertical farm which strictly controls its environment using LED lighting technology and a climate controlled system. This ensures consistent quality and improved taste.


Farming on another level

First class engineering and an abundance of TLC ensure our herbs and salads trump any grown traditionally.
Come rain or shine

Our crops are grown and harvested 365 days a year, as being indoors we have no need to pray for rain, or sunshine, or moderate temperatures, or anything else for that matter.

Local Yokels

Growing locally increases the shelf-life of our produce as there is a shorter time between harvest and sale. Plus, with twice the growth rate our produce can be on your plate in half the time of those grown conventionally.

Green Greens

Our vertical farm, by its very nature, conserves natural resources. Not only does it use at least 70% less water than soil-based farming but also with fewer miles to travel from pallet to plate, has fewer food miles to its name.

Clean Greens

Greens have never looked so clean. With zero soil, zero herbicides and zero pesticides our plants are contaminant free, making them beyond organic.


Why don’t you get in touch? Whether you’re a food producer looking for fresh, local produce or a chef trying to source the finest ingredients, Vertivore would love to hear from you.


Urban Kitchen

The Vertical Farm

Vertivore is a brand of Astwood, who have been developing a pioneering range of technologies to support sustainable food production, including vertical food production.

The Produce

Interested in a particular crop? Vertivore can produce over 100 varieties of herbs and salads and we are always looking to expand our repertoire.

The Eco Brewery

Our sister brand, Lab Culture Brewery, is attached to our vertical farm using the wasted heat from its LED lights to brew its craft beers.

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What People Say

Sustainable development is the masterful balance of meeting our own needs without jeopardizing future generations’ ability to do the same.

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